Data Management

gDat provides data management services for both mineral exploration and mining companies, with a focus on the acQuire Geoscientific Information Management (GIM) solution. Data management services address data integrity with capture, storage, extraction, QAQC, reporting and validation workflows.

Data management services include data and workflow optimisation for general activities, and also specifically as preparation for an acQuire GIM solution. For acQuire GIM solutions, services provided include acQuire implementation assistance with acQuire Technology Solutions, acQuire post-implementation services including configuration and maintenance of acQuire GIM Suite objects and workflows, and acQuire GIM Suite configuration and maintenance in a cloud environment managed by acQuire Technology Solutions. gDat prides itself in providing a high level of service with dedicated support to ensure data solutions are fully functional for clients.

GIS Management

gDat provides GIS services for both mineral exploration and mining companies, with a focus on MapInfo/Discover GIS solutions. GIS services are aimed at providing practical and sustainable solutions that address spatial data integrity as well as capture, management, validation, analysis and visualisation workflows.

gDat GIS services include spatial data capture and compilation, attribute data configuration, graphical features styling, integration of spatial data into structured data sets, maintenance and validation of spatial data, configuration of spatial data workflows, map production including press release, site and field maps and MapInfo/Discover troubleshooting and support. gDat can also provide fully tailored MapInfo/Discover training for both mineral exploration and mining. As with all our services, our goal is to ensure the delivery of sustainable solutions that help increase the efficiency of GIS data usage.